Politics has always been subject to the laws of the jungle, but now more than ever, the House of Commons resembles a zoo. The Times and The Sunday Times understand and translate the chaos better than anyone else.

Where we would typically see MPs, we now see political animals. Many of them known for the characteristics we so often see in our politicians.

The political world in the UK is in turmoil as Brexit edges ever closer. With so much noise and conflicting information available, the British people are confused and looking for a way to make sense of the mess. The Times and The Sunday Times have brought clarity and balance to politics since 1785, so we sought to remind them that the newspapers offer all the guidance and analysis they need.

To illustrate the increasing chaos in the House of Commons, Members of Parliament are represented as various animals.  Presented are a selection of ads that I  made for the campaign, these were seen throughout the UK on billboards, buses, taxis, in paper and online.

However what started as a brand campaign, quickly developed into a series of tactical ads highlighting the daily political turmoil. Often briefed in the morning, then sending the ads to print that afternoon for the next days press.

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