Real Patisserie

Re-branding a small bakery/patisserie brand in Brighton. The task consisted off updating the brands logo and colour palette, followed by their packaging and store fronts.

CEO Summit

The annual Times CEO Summit is an invitation-only forum for Britain's most influential business leaders.  It brings together FTSE chief executives, government ministers and public policy experts. 

The 2019 event looked at how Britain could negotiate its way to prosperity in an age of digital revolution, regional inequality and Brexit. This subsequently created the brief for branding. Working alongside a digital designer, an animated flag was built, showing different regions of the UK whilst highlighting various digital technolgies. This flag was the cornerstone of the whole branding.

Along with the stage and table designs from above, 30 window vinyl’s were designed along the south side of the News UK building. Questions were featured amongst different business sectors. The imagery used for this part of the branding tried to reflect what was behind the windows in London’s skyline.

Still and animated lighboxes featured at the entrance and throughout the event floor. Not pictured but also seen were a whole host of other deliverables including office window vinyls, walkway prints and several different wall vinyl’s. The branding was also seen in an A3 pullout in the The Times.

Seaside Studios

Seaside Music Studio is a boutique studio built out of a passion for music. The studio needed a whole brand design and website layout.

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